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    Balto Reporting for Duty - Sunland/Tujunga (SFV)



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    Balto Reporting for Duty - Sunland/Tujunga (SFV)

    Post by Balto on Sat Aug 30, 2014 1:08 am

    Hi guys, my name is Junior (not really, but no one can pronounce my name so why bother lol) - I have an 06 L61 (2.2) Cobalt LS Coupe, 5MT. He's relatively new to me so I haven't done much yet... well, plus the fact I'm broke doesn't help the cause. As you'll notice my car is a he rather than a she because I named him Balto (like the jet black sled dog, not the cartoon movie character). I'm going to be going for a black & green theme, giving him green accents in the headlights as eyes and some... other stuff.


    2013 Cruze Z-Spec Floormats
    K&N Drop-in air filter
    Falken Ziex ZE329 tires

    Otherwise stock... for now...


    So, cool - great to be here and looking forward to meeting you all! Hopefully I can join the club here sometime in the future.

    (I'm BlackBaltCoupe on CSS and CobaltForums BTW)


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